After the terrifying clip went viral, a GoFundMe page was launched to assist in funding her recovery shined the light on a broader reality that strip club dancers often treated as “contractors” without rights to workers’ compensation, health-care benefits and other protections afforded to employees. According to the Washington Post, the friend behind the fundraiser revealed that the strip club that employed Sky would not cover her medical costs fo her injuries due to the incident putting her out of work for “an extended period of the time.”

Eric Langan, the CEO of RCI Hospitality Holding Inc., which owns XTC Cabaret in Dallas, told TMZ states that strip clubs are not liable for dancers injuries because they create and choreograph their own routines before noting that he did not tell her to climb the pole and the club has no plans to remove them; but Langan says they are planning to help Sky financially as she recovers.

As Sky’s injuries draw attention online, the aspiring beautician has assured people that she is recovering. On Monday, she posted a picture of herself in a hospital bed, eyes closed and giving a thumbs-up: Her jaw was wired shut, she said, but the surgery had gone well.