Source: John E. Sokolowski / Getty

adidas reportedly has added another big name to its extensive list of celebrity influencers.

TMZ caught up with the Nature Boy, Ric Flair and he announced he signed a deal with the iconic sportswear brand.

Wooooooo, if true, Flair is going to be “stylin and profilin” in a pair of adidas for the rest of his life. The legendary wrestler broke the news to TMZ and wants to put Nike in the figure-four leg lock and make them submit to being number 2 if he has his way. He turned on the Flair swag while boasting of the new partnership and running off all the names who are already a part of the brand.

Per TMZ:

“Ready for the good news? Adidas thinks I’m ‘The Man.’ I signed a deal with them, and we’re fixin’ to make Nike the 2nd brand. It’s not gonna be Air Jordan anymore, it’s gonna be Air Flair, and I can’t jump.”
“It’s gonna be Adidas, Woooooooo!!!”
Naitch wouldn’t go into detail about exactly what the partnership entails, but he rattled off a few NBA stars he’s pumped to work with … and he took aim at Nike’s founder and chairman.
“This is me and Damian Lillard. Harden, James Harden, who I love and should be the MVP. Nike’s gonna be [outta here]. We’re gonna fire a shot over Phil Knight’s bow.”While we are positive Nike isn’t really sweating at this announcement, color us intrigued at the idea of some of adidas classic silhouettes getting the Ric Flair treatment. We are still waiting for a statement from the German-based sportswear brand. If this does pan out, Flair follows professional gamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins who also announced a deal with the three stripes becoming adidas first individual Esports partner.—

Photo: John E. Sokolowski / Getty