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It seems Luke Cage fans might be in for some surprises. Lead actor Mike Colter revealed the next installment will be even more brooding.

On a recent visit to the shop of Comic Book Men, the lead actor gave some insight on what we can expect from season 2 which apparently includes much more action. “A lot more badassery. A lot more fighting. I’m going to be squared off against a lot of people. So, it’s going to be fun” Colter explained.

When asked about the show’s overall direction moving forward, Colter confirmed things will get much darker in Harlem for Carl. “Yeah, a little darker than season 1. It’s so relevant that it feels like this is what would happen if superheroes were walking around the street. This is what it would be like.”

The AMC crew also discuss the origins of the character in the comic book versus the onscreen interpretation and more. Mike is also on the hunt for the issue where his character first teams up with Iron Fist. You can view the clip below.

Luke Cage season two will be on Netflix June 22.

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