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In the wake of Sen. Kamala Harrisannouncing a run for president, a growing chorus of dissent has risen from both the Left and the Right. A Libertarian journalist took aim at Harris’ admittance that she smoked weed while in college and tried to blow holes in her timeline, but the presidential hopeful never said what she’s being accused of by her critics.

Crooks and Liarsreport:

Turns out Nick Gillespie’s timeline calculations are a little off. He claims Harris says she smoked pot while listening to Snoop Dogg in college. She didn’t.

Nick Gillespie followed up his lie with a lot of concern trolling about who Kamala Harris locked up while she was Attorney General of California.

It’s fascinating how they can push the “Democrat open borders leads to MURDER” and the “Kamala Harris was a meanie prosecutor” memes at the same time.

I’m sorry to break it to the tighty-whitey guys at Reason Magazine, but Kamala Harris is not talking to you.

Thanks to the good sleuth work of Keith Boykin, it’s shown that Sen. Harris never said she listened to Snoop Dogg in college.

She did say she smoked weed and listened to 2Pac and Snoop but she never offered a timeline nor linked it to her time in school. Further, she’s said she’s since stopped toking.

In fairness, Harris still has her fair share of critics who won’t rest until they find a breaking point. In fact, some are noting under Boykin’s tweet that Harris was already working in her field and still lighting up but again, nothing has been confirmed.

How high did @KamalaHarris get while smoking weed in college? High enough to claim she listened to Tupac and @SnoopDogg as a student, though their debuts came after she graduated college (’86) and law school (’89). As with her former position on legalization, she’s scamming

— Nick Gillespie (@nickgillespie) February 12, 2019

No, Kamala Harris didn’t tell @breakfastclubam she listened to Snoop Dogg and Tupac before they came out.

She acknowledged she smoked weed in college. She never said that was the only time she ever smoked. Later when asked if she ever listened to Snoop while high, she said yes.

— Keith Boykin (@keithboykin) February 13, 2019