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Okay, we know you are probably over the #InMyFeelingsChallenge, but thanks to Will Smith you won’t have to pay attention to another video ever again.

The new king of Instagram while on vacation in Budapest decided to partake in the latest social media craze and essentially laid it to rest. The megastar turned vlogger scaled a Budapest bridge and stiffly (he blamed it on fear) hit the dance moves made famous by social media star Shiggy to Drake’s hit record “In My Feelings” off his recent project Scorpion.

As with anything Will does on his IG, he utilized his top-notch production team to put together the insane clip that features the use of drones. The positive reaction following the video’s release was instantaneous with celebs and fans praising Smith’s video and declaring in unison he won, and no more videos need to be made.

Will Smith dropped the mic’ on the

— Jemele Hill (@jemelehill) July 12, 2018

Jesus Christ, Will Smith. Can you relax?

— Kazeem Famuyide (@RealLifeKaz) July 12, 2018

Will Smith becoming a vlogger is one of the only things that has saved our post-2016 world.

— Ashly Perez ? (@itsashlyperez) July 12, 2018

Will Smith does everything 1000000x better than anyone else! He killed the “In My Feelings” challenge! ?

— Ani Caribbean (@AniCaribbean) July 12, 2018

We see no lies here, and if you don’t have notifications turned on for the Will Smith’s Instagram account at this point, you are missing out on life. It’s just amazing how fast Smith mastered social media in his short time on it.