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News outlets looking for any reason to spin Kanye West‘s meeting with President Donald Trump as something important led to a hilarious moment last night (Oct. 10) on CNN. Former South Carolina state representative Bakari Sellers threw some shots at Token Yeezy’s visit with the Orange Overlord of Chaos, which caused fellow panelist Scott Jennings, who is white, to react with his eyebrows that had host Don Lemon cracking up.


A CNN panelist Tuesday night called Kanye West “the token Negro of the Trump Administration.”

The remark was as part of a discussion about the news that West will meet with Donald Trump at the White House on Thursday — a visit which comes after the rapper’s most recent shows of support for the president. CNN’s Don Lemon asked his panel — which featured liberal commentator Bakari Sellers, conservative commentator Tara Setmayer, and conservative commentator Scott Jennings — for their take on whether this lunch will be about policy or celebrity photo-ops.

The outlet points at Sellers saying, “Kanye West is what happens when Negroes don’t read,” with Setmayer explaining to Jennings it was a reference to a Chris Rock joke. Setmayer then made a reference to Dave Chappelle’s racial draft skit in regards to West, which Jennings excitedly said he knew of as an apparent fan of the show.

Lemon gamely tried to hold his composure although he was less successful than some may have hoped.

Sellers has been catching some backlash online too, going toe-to-toe with fellow Trump broom pusher Candace Owens.

Oh Candace, bless your heart.

Kanye is what happens when negroes don’t read. He actually admittedly chooses not to.

We could have a conversation about anti-intellectualism, CJ reform or any topic I covered last night, but your Trump talking points might not be well equipped.

— Bakari Sellers (@Bakari_Sellers) October 10, 2018

Watch the CNN clip below.

.@Bakari_Sellers: “My issue with Kanye West is quite simple — is that anti-intellectualism simply isn’t cool.”

— CNN Tonight (@CNNTonight) October 10, 2018

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