Source: @theori / Twitter

We don’t know all the details, but we’ve seen enough. A white man in Chicago called the wrong Black man the N-word, and caught a vicious fade in the process.

In cell phone video shared on Twitter, we see the end of the confrontation—a white guy in a pink tank top is seen arguing with a Black guy.

You know the fade is imminent since the white guy is extra animated, while the Black guy is calmly removing his button-down shirt and puts his glasses in his pocket.

Unfortunately, the impending punch is hidden behind a pole, but we do the see the aftermath. The racist is scene knocked the f*ck out, dangerously close to falling onto the train tracks. He tries to get up, only to catch more hands along with the words, “Call another motherf*cker a n*gga, f*ck wrong with you.”

White guy attempts to get up again and “Wham!” another vicious blow is heard, and this time he does tumble onto the tracks.

Some people in the assembled crowd managed to get the racist to the safety of the platform before the clip ends.

Nah, no sympathy for that guy. Neo-nazis can always catch the hands.

Racist in #Chicago drops the n-bomb on brotha minding his business and catches the Blue Line to FadeTown.

— BushMaster Flex (@theori) July 13, 2018

Photo: Twitter