Source: Photo: Instagram/xxxtentacion

New developments in the XXXTentacioncase continue to pour in, this after evidence of the crime was discovered recently. Suspect Michael Boatwright apparently left two of the Black ski masks used in the robbery-murder inside his grandmother’s car.

TMZ reports:

According to a search warrant … cops found 2 dark colored masks in Michael Boatwright’s grandma’s car, which match the description of the masks allegedly purchased by Dedrick Williams before the rapper was shot and killed. Williams was the first suspect arrested in the case.

Police also found .22 caliber ammunition — the same brand name and same type as the casings found at the murder scene.

Cops also saw an AR-15 type assault weapon in the trunk of the car on top of other soft gun cases … according to the warrant.

Boatwright — the 2nd suspect arrested in connection with XXX’s murder — also had his cell phone searched … which allegedly revealed searches of the rapper’s name and “accessory to murder” just days after X was killed.

Looks like it’ll be a wrap for all four suspects in the matter very soon.

Photo: Instagram