Several Hollywood Police Dept. officers arrived at Brown’s home around 10 AM local time on Monday … and Brown’s baby mama, Chelsie Kyriss, was there too. They have 3 children together.

Brown repeatedly told the officers he had previously evicted her from his home — but allowed her on the property so she could pick up her kids and take them to school.

But, Brown claims during the handoff, Chelsie tried to steal one of his cars — and he wasn’t having it.

At one point, AB screams at Kyriss … “Bitch, you don’t drive Bentleys. This is not your life.”

Brown was shouting to the cops that he wanted her off his property, ASAP — and screamed insults at her from across the street … in front of her kids.

The whole situation was super heated, with a very frustrated Brown cussing at the officers — telling them they don’t know how to do their jobs.

During the end of the exchange, Brown grabs a bag of gummy candies (shaped like penises) and throws them into the street in Chelsie’s direction … screaming at her to have a “bag of dicks.”

All the while, AB is screaming insults at her … “Take that fish-looking bitch to jail.”

But why were a bag of candy D’s handy? Ya know what, never mind.

So, what team is going to pick up Brown next season?