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Beyoncé just may be the greatest entertainer all time. After performing the Black National Anthem, reuniting Destiny’s, having Jay-Z come through and much more during her show-stopping Coachella set last night (April 14), that’s becoming less debatable.

Bey’s performance was unapologetically Black, and it was glorious. She didn’t have to come out to “Life Every Voice and Sing” or dish out the HBCU vibes, but she damn sure did.

To say that Bey’s performance was Internet breaking is an understatement.

If you weren’t there, or couldn’t get to a livestream, Twitter had you covered. See the reactions and clips below and on the flip.

Is this the greatest opening of any show in history? I still don’t think Beyonce is human, argue with yourself

— On the run tour (@BeyonceWorldB4) April 15, 2018

Beyoncé’s message to every other performer who has ever headlined #Coachella.

— Ava DuVernay (@ava) April 15, 2018

Beyoncé gave us a pep rally and a dance recital and a second line and a revival and a homecoming and a block party and an opera and a movie and a play.

— Craig Bro Dude (@CraigSJ) April 15, 2018


The Black National Anthem.

Malcolm X quotes.

Nina Simone samples.

Stepping and marching bands.

Jigga for the deja vu.

A Destiny’s Child reunion.

A Solange dance collabo.

The greatest living entertainer is a Black woman named Beyonce. This is not up for debate.#Beychella

— Amanda Parris (@amanda_parris) April 15, 2018

Adele getting her life to Beyoncé’s #Coachella Livestream is seriously all of us. ?

— Pop Crave (@PopCrave) April 15, 2018

Y’all, we have never seen the likes of Beyonce in all of history. Let that sink in. There is no predicting where her career will go/end because there is no precedent for her. THERE IS NO PRECEDENT #BEYCHELLA

— CiCi Adams? (@CiCiAdams_) April 15, 2018


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